Hi, this is my portfolio where you will be able to find most of the work i've done. I'm a student at ESCEN (4th year)
I'm also currently looking for an internship (alternance) as a PM so feel free to contact me.
I look forward to work with you.

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EXEKO is a brand dedicated to bring its customers organic skin care products for sports activity, thanks to a sharp formulation expertise, high quality ingredients and ultra pure water.
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EXSENS history began in 2014, they focus mainly on creating 100% organic edible sexual lubricants, its products are well designed and vegan as well.
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I was mainly a designer during this project event though I developped some chuncks of code, the goal of this project was to show the different projects SpaceX is working on.
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Inmortis is a video game project initiated in 2018, the game has been in developpement for over a year and a half and we're proud of our achievement.
Sleep Well
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Sleep Well is a project using the WebGL technology using THREE.JS. Here you explore your bedroom composed of desk and a bed and a nightstand. Collisions were added on the walls to prevent the user to go out of the room and you can sleep. What else can you ask ?
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Jingle Bells ! Jingle Bells ! Jingle all the way ! This simple project is using JS & CSS to bring the warmth of christmas.